The new economic policy for Kazakhstan launched 11th of November

The 11th of November, the President Nazarbayev addressed the nation pointing out the direction of the future development and investment plans for Kazakhstan. It demonstrates an in-depth approach for further development of the country based on assessment of the geopolitical and economic situation in the world.

The new economic policy called “Nurly Zhol” (“The Path to the Future”) presented in the address will serve as a key instrument helping Kazakhstan to keep on modernization and with the overall objective to become one of the 30 most developed countries.

For the Swedish companies, the new economic policy, is a welcomed initiative. This as it points out that the many of the new investments of the continuous transformation and development of Kazakhstan economy will be done in areas were Sweden has a lot to offer in terms of services, products and technology. Namely – the development of transport, energy, industrial and social infrastructure, small and medium business.

This will serve as an excellent platform for the newly formed Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council in it’s efforts to further strengthen the trade and cross border investments between the two nations.


Vision of the EXPO 2017

The main points of the new economic policy will be:

  • 1) Development of transport and logistics infrastructure.
  • 2) Development of industrial infrastructure.
  • The implementation of infrastructure projects will raise big demand for construction materials, products and services for transport, communication, energy, housing and utility areas. Tourism infrastructure investments will be made with a special focus, as its main advantage is the opportunity to create many new jobs Kazakhstan
  • 3) Development of energy infrastructure and the development of alternative energy sources.
  • 4) Modernisation of housing and utilities infrastructure including water and heat supply networks.
  • 5) Strengthening of housing financing programs, this to support the free moment of people and labour. Meaning affordable housing by the means of low interest loans, no instalments and low mortgage.
  • 6) Development of social infrastructure. First of all, this means educational efforts with more resources to schools and training programs.
  • 7) Economical support to small and medium businesses and business activities. Meaning support and crediting of small and medium enterprises and its investments.

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