Open letter from the Ambassador to the business community in Sweden.

Dear All,

Kazakhstan is an exciting market for Swedish companies that shows a lot of promise for the future. Kazakhstan will in the next coming years invest heavily in new infrastructure, green technologies, telecom, industrial and social infrastructure. The Swedish private sector has a lot to offer in these areas.

The Kazakhstan Embassy in Stockholm has therefore, taken the initiative together with the private sector in Sweden to form the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council. The official inauguration was held at an event the 4 of December in conjunction with the celebration of our National Day at Sheraton Hotel.

The Sweden – Kazakhstan Business Council is a professional business network and platform for private and public sector organizations in Sweden and Kazakhstan.

The rational of the establishment of the Business Council is the following. 

  1. The need to create new business networks
  2. To facilitate the increasing trade between the two Nations
  3. To better serve and engage the private sector in Sweden
  4. Promote cross border investment in both Sweden and Kazakhstan

The Business Council will service it members and promote trade between the two countries with special focus on promoting export of products and knowhow from Swedish companies to the positive development of the Kazakhstan market.

The Kazakhstan Embassy in Sweden, will in the future primarily steer all its business promotion activities and support through the Business Council. Therefore, it is of the outmost importance to become a member of the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council to support this initiative and take advantage of its benefits.

Finally, I encourage you to push the “Join the SweKazbc” button on this website and become a member of the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council!

Your Sincerely,

Dastan Yeluekenov

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan

Kazakstan embassy

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